KVP-Group Ltd – Personnel

Business and postal address:
Yrittäjänkatu 15,
04440 Järvenpää

Office open:
On weekdays 8:00 – 16:00
+358 40 143 3014

Sales and Customer Service: toimisto@kvp-group.fi

For urgent matters outside office hours after 4 pm and at weekends, please contact us by email keijo.mantynen@kvp-group.fi.

Anssi Mäntynen Anssi Mäntynen

Anssi Mäntynen

KVP Group Oy

Meeri Hovi Meeri Hovi

Meeri Hovi

Elina Puro Elina Puro

Elina Puro

Kimmo Souranto Kimmo Souranto

Kimmo Souranto
Furnishing, warehouse

Jussi Juselius

Jussi Juselius
Furnishing, warehouse