Frequently asked questions

Key related questions

The apartment renter will be informed by e-mail about the delivery of the keys when the contract is signed or we coordinate with the customer how to arrange the delivery of the keys.
In the case of an apartment to be furnished separately, the client will receive an email/text message to collect the keys on the day of furnishing.

No cost, delivery of keys directly to the customer or to an agreed pick-up point is included in our service concept.

Please contact the office (weekdays 8-16) on + 358 40 143 3014 / After office hours, please contact Keijo Mäntynen, Managing Director, by SMS +358 400 551 043 or email

If there is no cleaner in the area, we will order a door unlocking service through the maintenance company. We will charge for the opening of the door according to the price list of the maintenance company of the property in question.

Contact the office + 358 40 143 3014 /
If you cannot find the keys, we have to charge you 400 € + VAT 24% for rekeying the keys.

Housing related questions

When you sign the contract, we always give you one fixed price for your temporary home, so there are no unexpected hidden costs.
The rental contract includes: a furnished apartment, water and electricity. Car parking is possible on agreement, if there are free spaces, also cleaning service on agreement.

In most apartments it is and it is mentioned in the lease. The necessary information can be found on the sticker on the back of the router.

Questions related to the condition of the apartment

For any maintenance needs in your apartment, please contact the office + 358 40 143 3014 /
In case of an acute repair need, please contact the on-call service of the maintenance company. The contact details of the maintenance company should be found on the notice board in the stairwell.

If the heating in your apartment is not working or is working abnormally, please let us know on + 358 40 143 3014 / and we will take care of it through the maintenance company.

Please notify the office as soon as possible on + 358 40 143 3014 or email and we will arrange for a replacement TV or other furniture if needed.

Parking related questions

The address and number of the parking space are indicated in the rental contract. Also you can contact us.

Take a picture of the car parked in the wrong space, so that the registration number is shown, and forward it to Wait to be notified once we have cleared the matter with the property manager and the maintenance company.

No charge, as electricity from the pole is also included in the rent, provided there is a reserved parking space in the apartment. Please note that you can only charge an electric or hybrid car from the pole if the building’s rules allow it.

Charging an electric car is specifically mentioned in the house rules. Please contact the office on + 358 40 143 3014 or email and we will clarify the matter.